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A selection of our
50+ technologies


The AI-driven crystal ball

In-house technology

Minerva is our predictive analytics technology with a machine learning model at its core. Based on its predictions, we achieve high levels of automation and optimization, at any scale.


Actionable insights from raw data

In-house technology

With Lumen, our engineers can create robust, fast, and simple-to-maintain data pipelines to implement complex ETLs. Dozens of terabytes go in—fresh, distilled information comes out.


Serving AI to products that serve millions

In-house technology

Pantheon hosts all our in-house AI models and provides them as a service to our products. It automatically scales our AI-model-serving infrastructure according to the level of traffic, and lets us parallelize an AI task across any number of GPUs while minimizing overhead.

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Bettingbig on AI

A sample of our AI work so far

Photo enhancement

Transforming blurry, low-resolution portraits and selfies into sharp, HD images.

Image generation

Generating new, photorealistic images from a single input photo, through AI.

Text generation

Leveraging LLMs to solve customer headaches—from one-tap note organization to chat-based automatic video editing.

View the world through
an engineering lens


Diagnosis and design

Before writing a single line of code, we thoroughly diagnose the problem and design the solution.

Shared foundations

We share best practices and as much of the tech stack as possible, so Spooners can shift seamlessly between projects.

Best technologies

We're quick to get rid of legacy technologies in favor of the most fit-for-purpose alternatives, keeping us at the cutting edge.

Security and privacy

Cybersecurity and privacy are major considerations when we design our products and tools.



We’re allergic to repetitive tasks—so we automate them instead.

Code quality

Last but not least, we value writing clean code.