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We are an elite team and we create our own tech products, used and loved by millions all around the world. We currently focus on mobile apps, and we’re constantly evaluating opportunities in other exciting fields, such as games and virtual reality.

Working On Products Used By Millions

Total Downloads

Our iOS apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times, and on a daily basis are discovered by tens of thousands of new users. Time to take on the world’s mobile giants!

  • 25K

    LinkedIn Corp.

  • 40K

  • 55K

    Dropbox Inc.

  • 100K+

    Twitter Inc.

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Monthly Active Users

We have an international footprint, but the English-speaking markets are our stronghold, with 55% of our active user base located in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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Total User Reviews

We put an extreme focus on quality and on creating the best products in the world in each category we compete in. The love-filled reviews our users write every day are the greatest motivation of all.


Overall average rating
Very nice
by DavidBarnhill 🇺🇸  for Hookd
Doesn't even come close to Grindr, it's way better. No annoying ads, the interface is nice. Very pleased overall.
Very nice
by DavidBarnhill 🇺🇸  for Hookd
Doesn't even come close to Grindr, it's way better. No annoying ads, the interface is nice. Very pleased overall.
Best keyboard app
by Jebnsmdalock 🇳🇱  for Keyboard Themes
This is the best custom keyboard app I've ever had, thank you so much!
Beste keyboard app
by Jebnsmdalock 🇳🇱  for Keyboard Themes
Dit is de beste custom toetsenbord app die ik ooit heb gehad, super bedankt!
Easy to use
by ぐぐっさん 🇯🇵  for ClipStitch
Easy to customize and easy to understand for beginners. I recommend it!
by ぐぐっさん 🇯🇵  for ClipStitch
by SirleyFerreiradeOliveira 🇧🇷  for StackIt
The most capitalist and addictive game I’ve ever seen in my life!
by SirleyFerreiradeOliveira 🇧🇷  for StackIt
O jogo mais capitalista e mais viciante que já vi na vida!

Pushing code to millions of users is challenging and motivating

Software Engineering

Working With The Best And Brightest

Less Than Acceptance Rate

We think extraordinary people are the lifeblood of an incredible company, so we are obsessively selective and only look for the brightest (and nicest!) talents. Less than of our applicants have become Spooners.

  • Applicants
  • Admitted
    To Test
  • New
Hiring funnel for 2015–2016

Spooners: Elite And Small By Design

The extreme selectivity of our hiring process is reflected in our world-class, very diverse team: outstanding academic and professional feats while being only years old on average.

  • Full-Mark University Degrees
  • Scholarships Won
  • Former Startup Founders

  • Languages Spoken

  • Countries Lived In

The admission process at Bending Spoons is incredibly demanding, and very few people make it through

Data Science

Solving Hard Challenges That Matter

The Technology That Lies Beneath

Behind the apparent simplicity of some of our apps lies an incredible amount of complex proprietary technologies that we invent, develop, and perfect.

  • iOS Apps
  • Our Own iOS Libraries

    To enable responsive UI, quick UI implementation through highly customizable components, fancy animations, live hotfixes via client-side code injection, efficient and flexible data storage and synchronization.

    Powered by: Ojective-C, JavaScript.
  • Our Own Back End Libraries

    To enable quick API logic implementation, easy client notifications, web-based server settings configuration, secure API endpoints, user-friendly server error management.

    Powered by: Python, Flask.
  • State-Of-The-Art Server Infrastructure

    To enable easy deployment, extreme scalability, superior reliability, deep performance monitoring.

    Powered by: Heroku, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL.
  • In-House Data Analytics Tools

    To enable end-to-end user event storage and fast querying at petabyte scale, highly informed strategy and product development through accurate statistical models.

    Powered by: Google BigQuery, Pandas, R.
  • Custom Automation Solutions

    To enable automatic App Store account configuration, mobile continuous delivery, automatic third-party and in-house services integration.

    Powered by: Ruby, Python, Travis CI.

When I saw our infrastructure sustain crazy levels of traffic, I was really proud of the work we had done

Software Engineering

Trying ToGive Back A Little

$203,900 Total Donations

At Bending Spoons we feel quite blessed: we love our work, we're surrounded by wonderful people, and we learn new things all the time. The least we can do is give a fraction of our earnings to those less fortunate.