These Are The Values We Believe In

Bending Spoons is founded on values we all share and are ready to stand for. They bring us together well beyond our current products and technologies. They’ve defined our identity since the beginning, and they’ll continue to do so, no matter how our business evolves.

We're Hackers

We get hyped up by making products that are the most widely used, loved, and profitable. We believe in true knowledge and creative experimentation. We obsess about thinking laterally and destroying rules and best practices when they get in the way of innovation.

Our Work Matters

We're business-minded and enjoy working on products lots of people actually love using—that's the surest way to profits we know. It’s exceptionally exciting to know our creations end up in the hands of millions of people all around the world, and that our work matters to them.

We Seek The Truth

We praise rationality and we value real insight. We're massively data-driven and we're skeptical of untested, commonly-held beliefs. We believe in knowledge, and we relentlessly foster learning and experimentation. Here, you’re going to learn at a pace faster than you ever thought possible.

We Disrupt

We’re all about those high-potential, radical ideas. We embrace change and reject the fear of the unknown as a reason for not doing something. Several of our innovations have already been picked up by other companies, and are now the gold standard in the industry.

We're Climbers

We believe in personal initiative and make sure every voice is heard. Tough challenges and difficult problems are exciting to us, and we see them as a means to reach our full potential. We’re incredibly ambitious—we left our comfort zone behind when we started this journey.

We’re Entrepreneurial

We have a deeply ingrained culture of independence and ownership. Shape the projects you're assigned to as if they were yours, bring forth your ideas, and help steer the company. At Bending Spoons, you're expected to make a difference, and your opinions and ideas truly matter.

We Embrace Challenge

We challenge each other to find smarter solutions, think outside the box, and always raise the bar. You won’t be successful here unless you accept that great feats are hard to achieve, and you're all about going the extra mile and pushing beyond your limits.

We Aim High

We think mediocrity is boring and so we set lofty goals for ourselves. Our long-term ambition is to be one of the greatest tech companies in the world: it’s an incredibly difficult goal, but the journey is unspeakably exciting, and if you’re impatient to make big things happen, you’ll love it here!

We're Open

We trust each other and give complete freedom to work how, when, and where we like. We're so transparent that you'll have complete access from the get-go, and we encourage you to become a leader and a co-owner of Bending Spoons.

We're Free

We believe in honesty and trust, and enforce no rules. We reject the ideas of control and imposition. Work whenever and wherever you want. Nobody is going to check on you. You’ll be judged solely on your contribution and value to the team.

We're Partners

We look for partners, not employees. We strive to provide amazing, turbo-charged careers for outstanding people who truly care about their work and strive to make a difference. We happily and generously share equity with all those who have shown they deserve it.

We’re Transparent

The more you know, the more you can achieve. From day one, you'll be given complete access to all information, and you’ll be involved in all major decisions. We give each other honest, sometimes tough feedback: not telling the truth is not giving a chance to learn and improve.

We're A Tribe

We're a young, cohesive team, and we put our hearts and souls into everything we do. We love spending time together outside of work, and forge lifelong bonds. We share the pain and help each other out generously.

We're Young And Hungry

We believe in the boundless potential of young people hungry for achievement and growth. Our vibe is wonderfully contagious and it swells with every new Spooner who joins our team. Time to rock the world!

We’re Together

We love being around each other, and we nurture relationships that go way beyond work by doing lots of cool activities together. Work is way more fun, when you pursue your goals with people you know, like, and trust (well, at least until it comes to our traditional games of Mafia 😱).

We Support Each Other

We’ll always pick the team over the individual, and we embody the saying “One for all, and all for one.” We praise generosity and we all take our share of the (few) painful, boring tasks. We’re there for each other when the shit hits the fan—inside and outside of work.

We Are Bending Spoons

Bending Spoons started in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a collaboration between five young friends with extensive expertise in business, technology, and design. Our common vision was to create a legendary tech company, one that builds products used and loved by millions of people all over the world, and is recognized as among the very best places to work on the planet. We were ready to bend spoons with our minds, if that was what it took to make it happen.

We loved the opportunity we saw in developing mobile apps: the pace of growth of the market, the difficult business and technological problems that favor those few that are smart enough to solve them, the infinite variety of use cases, the intimate relationship of consumers with their phones. Through a lot of incredibly hard work, smarts, and creativity, we created some very popular apps. In a market where most people had an amateurish approach, we believed in being ultra-structured, technologically advanced, and analytical.

In 2014 Bending Spoons moved to Milan, looking to build a highly-talented pro tech team with very good chances of sustained and potentially exponential success. We’ve ever since gone on to create some truly amazing technologies, launch new products, and radically improve our existing ones. Looking ahead, we’re working furiously on some incredibly innovative and exciting ideas that we think will help us raise our game drastically.

The next frontier for us is to become one of the greatest companies in the mobile app market, and then apply all that we've learnt to other industries, in our ever-lasting quest to build an extraordinary company. If our journey forward sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to talk to you.